A History Made In Mauritius

Plastinax Eyewear Ltd, a company that forms part of the ENL Group, created Helios Eyewear in 2010 to be the first and only brand of injected frames “Made in Mauritius”.

The brand has an array of frames with its many collections’ that combine sport, fashion, lifestyle, eco-friendly and optical styles for adults and kids. We take inspiration from our multifaceted island and its various activities.


We are authentically Mauritian, genuine to ourselves, our values, and our spirit. We believe in the people with whom we work at our mother company, Plastinax Eyewear. Helios Eyewear is a local, transparent, islander brand that values its know-how, people and country.


We have fun by delightfully discovering, innovating, and creating while being sympathetic. Every outcome is better when you enjoy what you do. Helios Eyewear allows you to explore and express your fun attitude with our customization services and be part of our growing process.


We are an eyewear brand that cares. We care by fostering sustainability, considering people, treasuring the environment and by being dutifully ethical.

See Mauritius Differently!

It thrills us that since April 2019, Helios Eyewear has gotten the ‘Made in Moris’ label. Hooray! The label confirms and validates that we are and promote a locally made product and this reinforces our identity on the international platform.

At Helios we are more than conscious that unity is victory and that the label ‘Made in Moris’ serves as a factor ensuring our authenticity. We promote and value other local brands too, together we have more means and strength to sustain our economy and ecology. We share our values with the label but also with you who once became a Helios customer, will forever remain in the Helios family.

Our Sunglasses

We have designed our collections to provide comfort, fit, and style. Having an optimal protection for your eyes is not only important, but is a must. Even more so when living on an island such as this paradise of ours. Not only does our sunglasses provide 100% UV protection, but our lenses are also polarized to make the difference. The world has never looked so beautiful when seen through them.

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