Lens technology

Our lens technology

See better with Helios

Our lenses are engineered for maximum UV protection and durability while also providing amazing visual comfort with our polarization technology. We also provide optical frames with screen lenses to soothe your eyes at all times. The world never looked this good with Helios.

100% UV Protection

Every day our eyes are strained and getting affected by huge quantities of UV light. UV exposure increases the risk of cataract formation and can cause cancer of the eye and eyelid. Basically, your eyes can get sunburned!
Wearing sunglasses is not important only in summer. During cloudy or rainy days, eyes are also vulnerable. We expose our eyes 365 days a year!
Therefore, our lenses provide full protection against the most harmful rays, UVA and UVB.


Polarization has nothing to do with protecting your eyes; it is instead a visual enhancement feature of our lenses. When direct sunlight hits a surface, it reflects horizontally and concentrates into a “blinding” glare. Our Helios lenses have a special polarized coating that reorganizes light in a vertical pattern to eliminate those pesky horizontal light rays.
So no more glare! No more blinding light when driving or no light refraction on water. Colors pop out and the world is so much more beautiful to look at.
Once you try it, you cannot live without it.

Blue light blocking

The screen glasses in our Cblue collection have lenses that block out the harmful blue lights emitted from screens. We live in a modern world surrounded by screens all day long. Your mobile phone, your TV, your computer screen amongst many others, emit blue light that in the long run can strain your eyes and result in fatigue, dry eyes, headaches and sometimes even sleep disruption. These lenses prevent this harmful emission and soothes your eyes for long hours in front of screens.

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