Frame design and Production

Frame design and Production

Eco-responsible frames made in Mauritius

Our plant-based frames are designed and built within our tropical island at Plastinax Eyewear, our mother company, to last and endure for as long as it takes. From the conceptual designs all the way to the finishing touches, we do all within our factory based in Saint Pierre. As the brand, Helios Eyewear is the lucky one to have our own designs produced and then marketed within our shops. Each piece is conceptualized, produced and sold by us within our island reducing our carbon footprints on the planet.




We choose the best of both worlds without compromise for our products. The planet comes first, but so is quality and reliability. So we make most of our frames from Grilamid, a revolutionary plastic polymer that is also eco-friendly and manufacture, control and test our products that are delivered to us directly from the factory without any intermediate transportation.

Eco-friendly Grilamid

The base material used for our frames is from the Castor plant, a highly renewable resource, transformed and processed to achieve the level of quality standards Helios always has. The Castor bean is harvested from the Castor plant and processed into oil, then transformed into the eco-friendly Grilamid pellets. The pellets are melted and injected to form the most recognizable shapes on the market! By using this material, we craft sunglasses that possess many qualities but that also have a minimum impact on the environment. This is the best of both worlds.

Lightweight and comfort

Have you ever looked for your mobile phone while talking to someone on the said phone? We want you to forget that you are wearing any of our frames! This is the level of comfort we aim for. We inject our sunglasses and optical frames in the lightweight eco-friendly Grilamid, they are also designed and assembled to provide the wearer with a level of comfort amongst the best on the market. That said, it does not mean that they will drop off your face that easily. We want them to stay on and protect your eyes all day long. The frames and hinges work in a way that they will fit perfectly on your face. Our diversified collection will make sure of it.

Flexibility and shape memory

Our frames have shape memory, a technical term to say that they remember in what shape they should be in. That’s right, they have discipline! (Not smart yet, but getting there…).  Bending the frame is possible thanks to the highly flexible eco-friendly Grilamid, but it will always go back to its original shape and never deform. This technical feature ensures that your frames can withstand a lot before breaking and will never be out of shape

Durability and temperature resistance

The eco-friendly Grilamid also has an interesting benefit; it is highly resistant to extreme temperature and will keep its characteristics when exposed to heat or cold. For instance, the frame will not get damaged if left on your car dashboard. They are built to endure!

Wood fibres

We are also using revolutionary fully green and organic materials in the form of wood fibers in some of our frames. While those materials can be less resistant and durable than our eco-friendly Grilamid, they look great, feel great and does absolutely no harm to the planet!

Frame design

Our mother company, Plastinax Eyewear, has a dedicated design and marketing team that works on proposing new designs and innovations on a weekly basis. We take design seriously, since it is the base and starting point of each pair. This is why the design process is broken down into three steps:

Production processes

An eyewear looks like a simple accessory, even though we love how they make us feel and look when worn. Behind each pair though, there are several processes. Your Helios pair goes through many, many more than capable hands that work hard to give you a finished and qualitative eyewear. The 300 employees of Plastinax Eyewear use their knowledge and know-how to create an eyewear that is durable, comfortable and that suits your needs.


Our eyewear is not handmade with acetate but through the process of injection molding. After the design has been approved a metal mold cast is made to make the eyewear. The material, in pellet form, is put in an injection molding machine and with heat and pressure is melted down and the molten liquid is then pushed into the metal mold cast. The liquid then cools down and takes the shape of the cast. After the cooling time the casted shape can then be removed from the mold. Plastinax Eyewear has developed and patented the triple injection technology. This means that the eyewear can be injected in three layers of any given color allowing for a variety of color combinations.


Trimming is necessary because the metal cast is often made to have several pieces molded in one cast. These pieces are connected by a “sprue” and “runners” which need to be trimmed off along with eventual excess of material on the piece itself. This is necessary to have a neater looking piece before moving along the production line.


Tumbling, also known as barreling, is the process by which the surface of the eyewear piece is smoothened out and polished. The pieces are placed in large barrels that are partly filled with wooden or ceramic parts. The barrel then spins fast, and this motion creates the wooden or ceramic parts to cause slight friction on the eyewear parts that then eliminates imperfections.


As you might already have guessed by its name, this process is whereby the different parts of the eyewear that needs a screw to be attached together are assembled. A predetermined screw is allocated to its respective model and used to assemble the parts together carefully without damaging the eyewear or the screw area. The use of special automatic and manual drilling machines are used here for efficiency and accuracy.

Color development and varnishing

Since our eyewear are not made with already decorated or patterned acetate sheets as they are injected, the decor of those need to be done by hand. Unless the final look of the eyewear needs no decorative element and has been injected in the requested color(s), color development is necessary and in the latter case varnishing is needed for the final surface finish (shiny, matt or soft). A multitude of decors and color gradients can be achieved depending on our or the customers’ request. This is how we can propose our BUnique service. Each decor is developed according to new trends or created by us to give you the best looking pair to be stylish while protecting your eyes

Lens cutting and engraving

As described in the process name, lenses are cut to the model’s eye shape with precision, making sure that they do not create additional tension on the frame. It is during this process as well that an engraving onto the lens is inserted. In our case, you will see that our polarized lenses have the .Polarized and that the Green collection has the “G” logo on the other lens. This allows for additional personalization in our BUnique service, where you can engrave your logo, initials, icon or so for your personalized pair.


The process of finishing is where the eyewear is fully completed. This means that it is here that all the small parts of the model are glued onto the pair. These parts include rubber parts, like nose pads and temple tips, metal logos and metal trims. It is also here that the cut lenses are mounted onto the frame and markings are printed onto the eyewear. Markings may give you more information on the model, like the model’s name and color, country of origin (Yes, the CE Mauritius), but can even be decorative prints on the exterior of the temples. Once the eyewear is fully completed, it is cleaned to eliminate any traces of dust or marks.

 Quality control

We want you to buy eyewear at the best quality from us. This is why, besides using the best material and newest technologies, a quality control is conducted after each main production process to ensure that the eyewear does not move along the chain with a defect. We have the ISO 9001:2015 certification, so being up to standards is more than important for us. 

 Packaging and delivery

The completed eyewear is packed and boxed with all the necessary precautions so that you can get a perfectly stored pair in good shape and condition. These boxes are then sent to our Helios Eyewear shops, resellers or are delivered at your doorstep after your online purchase. 

Recycling and upcycling

As an eco-responsible brand we believe in being a sustainable brand and doing our part in preserving the planet. So with Plastinax Eyewear a new process was created to reduce the amount of waste created from the disposal of our eyewear or plastic production waste and keep our island and planet clean. The plastic production waste from the factory is recovered and stored and then crushed per injection color in a grinding machine. As for the eyewear, we encourage our clients to bring back their old pair so that we can dispose of them responsibly. The eyewear is then crushed into the grinding machine as well. These newly created pellets can then be re-injected into new eyewear instead of ending up in the landfill.