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An eco-responsible eyewear brand with eco-friendly sunglasses in Mauritius


These trendy ecological sunglasses are injected in a light colored wood fibre. They are not as heavy as most frames and have the natural look and feel of light wood! Since they consist of wood fibre they will not harm the environment when thrown away or when they get lost like most plastics do.

dark wood fibre

You can easily wear these fashionable sunglasses anywhere thanks to their dark and rich brown color that comes from dark colored woods. These dark wood fibre injected frames are lightweight and look fantastic with their specks of dark browns while remaining eco-friendly. Plastic releases harmful chemicals when biodegrading, so these will be more respectful towards nature.


Our handmade bamboo frames are original and special. They are made in natural, treated bamboo that will decompose more naturally if thrown away or lost. The look and touch of these frames give them an edge and uniqueness that will complement your style.


Like many companies, we create production waste, which we try to manage in the most ecological way possible. During injection, there is plastic production waste created when purging our machines. We do not want them to end up polluting the environment, so we break them up into pellets which we re-inject to create new eyewear.

BRIDGET Upcycled

FREEWAY Upcycled

ZEN Upcycled

recycled plastic eyewear

We worry about how our eyewear get disposed of after being used, even if they are made from 58% of vegetal oil based plastics, we do not want to be part of any pollution. So we encourage our customers to return their old or damaged pairs, and we then offer them 10% off on a new pair. These old or damaged pairs, instead of going to waste, are given a second life after being broken down and re-injected into new eyewear.

MATRIX Recycled

PEYTON Recycled

Upcycled PET plastic bottles

As an eco-responsible brand who is conscious of the pollution problem on our island, we wanted to be part of the solution to solving this. One way we have been able to develop with our partner Reso Green Ltd is to use broken down and shredded PET plastic bottles and inject them into eyewear. Not only is this upcycling process innovative, but it also helps to reduce waste created on our paradise island. It is fashion with a cause!

Recycled PET plastic bottles | Eco Friendly Sunglasses | Helios Eyewear Mauritius




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